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Welcome to Girls Unstoppable! We are here to encourage our girls to believe in themselves, achieve their goals through hard work and determination, and ultimately become the future leaders of our communities.

Girls Unstoppable was founded in 2015 as a classroom-based program for Latinas between 9 and 14-years-old. A tailored curriculum focuses on specific obstacles faced by this minority community. Our program encourages girls to get out of their comfort zones, achieve self-acceptance, and discover the power they have in shaping their futures. Weekly, interactive lessons help girls further acknowledge the importance of succeeding in school, fostering healthy friendships, developing life-long skills, and discovering possibilities beyond high school.


Every lesson was created by founder Jennifer Peñate, a Latina journalist who's passion is to give back to her community. Jennifer's first language was Spanish and grew up in a traditional Latino household in Los Angeles until her family moved to Arkansas. At 6-years-old, she faced the daunting challenge of learning the lesson of the day at school while also learning a whole new language. She relied on the one Spanish-speaking student in her class to translate homework and be her support system. The story of one single person making a drastic difference in her life repeated itself throughout the years; a teacher, a community advocate, a complete stranger. This is why Jennifer created Girls Unstoppable. One caring person can change the course of your life. Jennifer's goal is to be the person she needed growing up.

Girls Unstoppable is committed to every girl in the program so they can: Believe. Achieve. Become. 

Believe. Achieve Become.