Dear, Girl Unstoppable

I see the sparkle in your eyes, hear the passion in your voice, and feel the fire in your soul when you talk about what captivates your heart.


Maybe it's reading or basketball or science or drawing. Whatever it might be, keep giving it your all.


You will face defeat and criticism. You'll want to give up. My hope is that you stay true to yourself and fight with all your might to accomplish your goals. 

Growing up, I was constantly embarrassed that English wasn't my first language. It made me nervous to answer a question in class or write an answer on the whiteboard. I was made fun of more times than I can remember. I became extremely shy and kept to myself.


I slowly learned English and thanks to people who supported me and pushed be forward, I followed my dream to become a writer. It wasn't easy. But today, I am a journalist who writes for a living. And not only that, I'm a television news anchor who talks in my second languge to a large audience every night.


Girls Unstoppable is dedicated to each and every girl out there who hasn’t quite found her voice, who sees more obstacles than opportunities but dreams without limits. I am here to tell you that obstacles are meant to be moved. You have the power to move them and create the brightest of futures. Girls Unstoppable is here to cheer you on along the way! 

With love,

Jennifer Peñate

" Believe in yourself, speak up, work hard, and watch your dreams come true."